Founded on the principle of Service Delivery, Collaboration and Trust, Monumental Homes carries the tradition of excellence in the Construction Industry.  With more than 20 years of experience in Project Management, Operations Management, and Financial Management in the Real Estate world, we bring extensive experience and understanding to the current market conditions.  We understand the importance of detail in every project and how small tweaks in a design can add significant value to the property value.


Alberto Mendez, Co-owner, is an Architect, and has a well-rounded career in the construction industry. He has built many homes from ground-up and designed several major commercial buildings. He has led several construction projects as chief architect internationally as well as in the United States. Being a licensed realtor, Alberto also has very good understanding of the current market conditions and provides guidance on what adds value to a residential property.


Joy Sharma, Co-owner, is an Engineer by profession, and brings the hands-on experience in operations management. He has worked globally in the energy industry and brings tremendous experience in understanding customer needs and ensuring service quality and delivery.


Monumental Homes believes in employing the right people, implementing the right procedures, using the finest material and working together with the customers.  We are based out of Houston, Texas and have been deeply involved in the “Houston Strong” movement after the Hurricane Harvey. We were involved right from organizing our own rescue efforts using boats, to getting several families back into their restored & remodeled homes well within 100 days time frame. 


We believe in providing the right service for the right price.

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